MTNG Acquires Town of Gainesboro Gas System

The Town of Gainesboro natural gas system was acquired by Middle Tennessee Natural Gas effective September 15, 2010. We welcome the current and future natural gas customers in the Town of Gainesboro and the surrounding Jackson County area to the MTNG family. Additionally, we welcome Mike Wasill as a new employee to the District. Mike has been the “Gas Man” in Gainesboro for a number of years, and he will continue that role as a service technician reporting to Adam Barnes, superintendent in the MTNG Sparta office.

Gainesboro is the District’s second acquisition in its 55 year history of service to the middle Tennessee area. The Monteagle natural gas system in the Grundy and Marion County area was acquired in 2008. All other areas of the District have been developed by the systematic expansion of natural gas mains as customer needs develop.

The new Gainesboro service area currently includes 360 active meters and 31 miles of steel piping with 433 services and 2 pipeline tap stations. Their current natural gas customers are in the Town of Gainesboro, along Highway 53 west of Gainesboro, and Highway 56 south of Gainesboro. This area will complement the area of southern Jackson County where MTNG already serves approximately 350 customers.

“We look forward to serving the Town of Gainesboro now and in the future,” stated MTNG CEO Les Enoch upon the acquisition. “We are confident the customers will find MTNG a reliable energy partner.”

A Customer Appreciation Day cookout will be held in Gainesboro on Friday, October 8th, 2010, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. This event will allow existing and prospective customers in the area to visit with District representatives and learn about our services and policies.