Water Heaters

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas sells a variety of water heaters to meet your needs. We sell, install and service conventional storage type water heaters as well as environmentally friendly instantaneous (on-demand) water heaters. Contact your local office for sizes and an affordable installed price!


  • Gas is an efficient heat source, and it saves you money compared to electricity.
  • Gas burners are capable of much higher temperatures than electric elements.
  • Faster recovery means more hot water per hour than same-size electric.
  • Direct-vent and power-vent models are available for hard-to-vent applications.
  • Variety of sizes (30 to 75 gallons) to fit most household applications.
  • Most units do not require electricity to operate.
  • No need for special 240-volt wiring or isolated electric circuit.
  • No heating elements to short, burn out, or replace (their average life is 2-3 years).
  • Instantaneous models available for hot water-on-demand applications.
  • Stands and drain pans are available for certain installation needs.
  • Temperature controls allow settings for personal comfort and energy-saving "Vacation Setting".

Proper Sizing of Natural Gas Water Heaters:

To determine the proper size of water heater, you need to know the total amount of hot water that will be required to satisfy all of the hot water uses at the peak hour of demand. This can be determined by reviewing the following chart and totaling the estimated gallons needed at the time of highest usage:

Major hot water users Estimated gallons of hot water consumed per use
Clothes Washer 10-12 gallons (warm wash/cold rinse) 
20-25 gallons (warm wash/warm rinse) 
Up to 30 gallons (hot wash/warm rinse)
Bath 15-20 gallons
Shower 10-15 gallons (3 gallons/minute)
House Cleaning 5-12 gallons
Automatic Dishwasher 5-15 gallons/load
Hand dish washing 4 gallons/load
Food Preparation 3-5 gallons
Hair shampoo 4 gallons
Shaving 2 gallons
Hand Washing 1-2 gallons

Note: The estimates above take into consideration the fact that hot and cold water will be mixed for many of the uses listed.

Calculate the peak hourly demand by adding the total amount of gallons for all hot water users that might be in use at the peak demand time. Use the first hour rating on the available water heaters to select units that will satisfy the peak hourly demand.

Natural Gas Versus Electric:

As you evaluate what type of water heater will best suit your needs, look for the Energy Guide Sticker that has been placed on the model.

On-Demand Water Heaters


Space Heaters

MTNG carries many different brands, sizes, and styles of both vented and unvented space heaters. Visit your local office and talk with our experienced sales staff about which space heater best meets your needs. All are sold at affordable, installed prices.


  • Non-polluting energy source; environmentally friendly.
  • Available in vent free models, which are excellent as a source of back-up heat.
  • Clean burning--No wood to handle, embers to fear, ashes to clean, or creosote to build up.
  • Much more economical than electric propane or even wood.
  • Instant on/off controllability.
  • Feels warm, is warm. The hot air produced by gas heat, just makes you feel warmer. Most models do not require electricity to operate, making space heaters your best friend when the power goes off on a long winter's night.
  • Better temperature control for comfort, safety, and efficiency.
  • Installation options to suit nearly every application.
  • Large variety of styles and models available to suit individual needs.
  • Feels warm, is warm. The hot air produced by gas heat, just makes you feel warmer.

Gas Space Heat Required by Square Footage

BTUs Required
Square Feet 200 400 600 800
Well Insulated 6,400 12,800 19,200 25,600
Average 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000
Poorly Insulated 12,800 25,600 38,400 51,200
BTUs Required
Square Feet 1,000 1,200 1,600 2,000
Well Insulated 32,000 38,400 51,200 64,000
Average 50,000 60,000 80,000 100,000
Poorly Insulated 64,000 76,800 102,400 128,000

* This table does not distinguish between vented and unvented heaters. 
* It utilizes formulas that have been used by Middle Tennessee Natural Gas employees. 
* The "well insulated" rating is calculated using 4 BTUs per cubic foot and a ceiling height of 8 feet. 
* The "average" rating is calculated using 50 BTUs per square foot. 
* The "poorly insulated" rating is calculated using 8 BTUs per cubic foot and a ceiling height of 8 feet.

Operating Cost Comparison:

Let's say that you have determined from the sizing table that you need 30,000 BTUs per hour to heat your space. In order to provide an output of 30,000 BTUs per hour, a vented gas space heater that is 75% efficient, for example, should be sized at 40,000 (40,000 x .75 = 30,000). A vent-free space heater that is 99.9% efficient should be sized at 30,030 BTUs per hour (30,030 x .999 = 30,000).

To find the properly sized electric heater, we must remember that 29.3 kWs are required to create 100,000 BTUs. Multiply 29.3 by .3 to get the number of kWs needed to provide 30,000 BTUs per hour. The answer is 8.79 kWh.

For this example, let's use a natural gas cost of $.70 per therm, a propane cost of $1.00 per gallon, and an electricity cost of $.07 per kW. The calculations to get 30,000 BTUs output would look like this: The answer is 8.79 kWh.

You can use the same method for calculating operating costs for any size and efficiency space heater.

Natural Gas Vented 75% Efficient $.70 x 1 x 1.33=$.93 (for 100,000 BTUs output) 
$.93 x .3 = $.28
Natural Gas Vent-Free 99.9% Efficient $.70 x 1 x 1.00 = $.70 (for 100,000 BTUs output) 
$.70 x .3 = $.21
Propane Vented 75% Efficient $1.00 x 1.1 x 1.33 =$1.46 (for 100,000 BTUs output) 
$1.46 x .3 = $.44
Propane Vent-Free 99.9% Efficient $1.00 x 1.1 x 1.00 =$1.10 (for 100,000 BTUs output) 
$1.10 x .3 = $.33
Electric $.07 x 8.79 = $.62 (for 30,000 BTUs output)

Selecting a Space Heater:

Natural Convective Heaters:(Standard Vented Space Heaters)

Uses natural circulation created in the room to distribute heated air. As the air is warmed by the heater, it becomes lighter and naturally rises. The rising warm air displaces cooler air at the ceiling and forces it downward where it is heated and the cycle continues.

  • Creates even warming throughout the room.
  • Can be thermostatically controlled (optional) to automatically maintain comfortable room temperatures.
  • No electricity required.

Forced Convective Heaters:(Standard Vented Space Heater with Blower)

Similar to natural convective heaters but with the addition of an electric blower to help with the movement of heated air.

  • Creates even warming throughout the room.
  • Can be thermostatically controlled (optional) to automatically maintain comfortable room temperatures.
  • Requires electricity to operate the blower. Some blowers are thermo-statically controlled so that they only operate when temperatures surrounding the heater require additional air circulation.

Radiant (Infrared) Heaters:(Standard Unvented Space Heater)

The gas flame is used to heat ceramic panels which, in turn, glow bright red. The heat given off by these panels warms objects in its path in much the same way as the sun warms objects. The room air is not heated directly, but the warmth from the heated objects serves to heat the air gradually.

  • Most often used as a back-up source of heat.
  • Best for heating people and objects that are fairly stationary in the path of the glowing panels.
  • Not as useful for heating whole rooms or sections of a house.
  • Can be thermostatically controlled to maintain an even temperature in the area of the glowing panels.
  • Can be used with a blower to better circulate heated air around room.


GE Range

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas sells quality GE and Maytag Ranges. Visit your local MTNG showroom to see available models at affordable, installed prices!

The great chefs of the world cook with gas because it is controllable and it produces consistent results. But you don't have to be a master chef to benefit from the advanced technology and convenience of today's gas range!

One of the greatest advantages of the gas burner is the controllable flame. You get instant heat when the burner lights, and when it's off, it's OFF!

But don't take our word for it; please watch your favorite cooking shows and see just how many times they use natural gas instead of electric. There's a reason that a common phrase for being onto something good is "Now you're cooking with Gas!"


  • Instant on/off heat control; little or no residual heat when burner is turned off.
  • Infinite levels of temperature control.
  • Hotter burner temperatures available (more BTUs).
  • Suitable for specialty cooking--canning, woks, etc.
  • Newer models have pilotless ignition for cook top and oven.
  • Burners are forgiving of poor quality cooking pans.
  • No elements to short or burn out.
  • Significantly lower annual operating costs.
  • Natural convection action provides even heat throughout oven.
  • Cook on two or more oven racks at the same time.
  • Minimal odor exchange between foods in oven.
  • Moisture is added to and retained by foods cooked in oven.

Tips for Cooking with a Natural Gas Range:

What flame to use:

  • A high flame will boil food quickly or start cooking food rapidly.
  • A medium flame can be used to fry, simmer, brown or heat food and will also keep large quantities of food boiling.
  • A low flame will warm or melt foods and cook small quantities of food.
  • Use a lower heat setting to avoid oily film on walls and cook surfaces when melting butter, margarine, and other fats.

Using surface burners efficiently:

  • Choose the appropriate flame for the pan and the food you're cooking. If the flame curls up the sides, you're wasting energy. The flame should touch the pan about half an inch from the outer edge.
  • Once food is boiling, turn the flame to medium to keep it boiling. A rolling boil doesn't cook any faster than a simmer; it just wastes energy!

Caring for your surface burners:

  • On most products, the burner knobs, grates and burner parts can be removed for cleaning at the sink. The cooktop can often be lifted up or removed for cleaning.
  • Harsh cleansers and scouring pads will scratch the surface finish. Try to wipe spills off when they happen using a soft dry cloth.
  • If the burner openings become blocked, clean them with a piece of wire.

Tips for Cooking with a Natural Gas Oven

How to use your oven:

  • Turn the control knob to the desired temperature. On most gas ovens, a pilotless ignition system will ignite the oven burner.
  • Place pans in the oven, leaving an inch between pans and oven walls. Also, stagger pans so that one is not placed directly over another.
  • Consult manufacturer's instructions before placing pans directly on the oven bottom.

Using your oven efficiently:

  • Don't open the oven door to peek while you are baking. You lose up to 50 degrees in temperature!
  • You need to preheat the oven only for baked goods. Preheat for five to ten minutes.
  • Cook several pans of food at once whenever possible.

Caring for your oven:

  • On most ranges the oven door is removable for easier cleaning.
  • Continuous cleaning ovens have a catalytic material mixed into the porcelain enamel coating of the oven liner panels. This material causes a chemical reaction at normal cooking temperatures and oxidizes food soils continuously. Do not use commercial oven cleaners, cleansers, steel wool or abrasives. Also, don't rub the oven surface with paper towels, cloths or sponges. Particles from these materials clog the oven's porous surface.
  • Sealed burner models do not allow spilled foods to leak under top.
  • Self-cleaning ovens clean during a separate high heat cycle. Lock the door and set the controls to "clean". Oven soil is reduced to a white ash which can be removed with a damp cloth.
  • Manual-cleaning ovens should be cleaned with a commercial oven cleaner, or pour 1/2 cup of full strength ammonia in a glass dish and leave it in the oven overnight. Wipe the oven the next day with soap and water.

Gas Grills

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas sells, installs and services quality Broilmaster Grills. Most models are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. There is never a tank to refill. Temperatures are easy to control. Flavors are great! Please drop by your local MTNG office to learn more.
Build Your Grill

Warm-up time: While a grill's BTUH (BTU/Hour) rating is often cited by the manufacturer, the time required for a grill to actually reach high temperatures is more important. Gas grills can take as little as 6 minutes to reach 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
Heat Control: The wide range of temperatures in a gas grill allows the user to sear steaks at a high temperature or slow roast effectively. A temperature indicator is a useful accessory to help the cook maintain consistent temperature control.
Heating Evenness: Gas grills use lava rocks, ceramic rocks, firebrick, or metal grids to ensure even cooking temperatures.
Special Accessories: Many accessories are available to enhance the grilling experience. These include shish kabob skewers, rotisseries, wiener wheels, warming racks, smokers, griddles, ovens, woks, and side burners.
Easy Clean-up: Cooking grids can be washed in your dishwasher. Most foods that can't be wiped off can be burned off. A steel or brass wire brush will quickly clean off the grids (especially porcelain coated grids). Lava rocks or ceramic briquettes can be flipped over and food spills will burn off with the next use.
Convenience: A quick connect flexible gas hose allows the gas grill to be moved for cleaning or storage. Permanently piped post-mounted grills have a constant supply of fuel and do not require the refilling of storage tanks.
Economy: Natural gas is the most economical fuel, period. It is always there when you are ready for it; saving you time and money.

Gas Lights

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas sells quality Natural Gas Lights. Contact your local office for an affordable installed price!


Security, Reliability:
Gas lighting is the perfect choice for providing a safe, secure environment on your streets and around your home. Reliable gas lights do not depend on electricity, so they continue to shine brightly, even through power outages. Gas lights are available with quad burners that can produce light equivalent to a 100 watt electric bulb!
Low Maintenance:
Gas lights constructed of heavy cast aluminum and tempered glass with brass valves and trim will likely last for years with little or no maintenance. Models are available in traditional black to create a truly unique atmosphere!
The Gas Light Glow:
Patio, yard and street lighting by gas creates a distinctive, romantic ambiance sometimes referred to as "nostalgic." No electric lighting system offers the same soft, amber glow. The light produced by gas lighting doesn't create harsh shadows like electric flood lighting does and insects are not attracted by the illumination of the gas light.
Annual Maintenance:
Middle Tennessee Natural Gas will annually paint your Natural Gas light, clean the glass, and replace the mantle (if required) at no charge to you!

Operating Cost:

There is a misconception that the operating costs of natural gas lights are prohibitive. However, when the many benefits of gas lights are considered, it is found that the costs are not unreasonable. The standard gas light with a dual inverted burner burns 2125 BTUs per hour. This is equivalent to 2.125 cubic feet per hour, which calculates to 186 therms per year. Depending on the other natural gas appliances you have, a natural gas light will only add $10 to $15 to your monthly bill.

Gas Logs

Tennesseans are warming up to gas fireplace appliances.
Safe and attractive gas fireplaces supply warmth, efficiency, and ambiance.
They offer greater convenience; cleaner and more economically than wood-burning fireplaces.

You can browse our selection on-line by clicking the brands listed under “See What is Available.”

You can also come by our showroom and let one of our customer service representatives work with you to create the fireplace that your home deserves.


Middle Tennessee Natural Gas is an authorized Speed Queen dealer. Made in the USA, Speed Queen brings commercial quality washers and dryers into your home. Commercial-grade construction means that each machine is rugged, dependable and built to last, providing the simplicity and performance you need to get your clothes clean. What customers receive are long-lasting washers and dryers that also deliver superior cleaning results.
Middle Tennessee Natural Gas also still has some quality G.E. and Maytag washers and dryers for sale in our clearance sale section; as we transition to handling Speed Queen exclusively for the laundry needs of our customers. Please check out our clearance sale page for some great deals.
Please click below for more information, or contact your local office for sizes and styles available at affordable installed prices!
As always, remember that we service what we sell and we are here when you need us.
Speed Queen & Natural Gas, working together to make chores like laundry easier and quicker, so you can spend more time on the things that matter most to you.


  • Efficient heat source; saves money compared to other fuels.
  • Thermostat controls give accurate temperature maintenance.
  • Clothes are dry in much less time than with electric models.
  • Several sizes available to fit most family needs.
  • Many different features offered such as Temperature Settings, End of Cycle Signals, Dryness Monitor, Internal Light, Auto Dry Control, and Reversible Door.
  • No heating elements to short, burn out, or replace.

For the convenience of our customers we also sell matching washing machines.

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