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Gas Logs

Americans are warming up to gas fireplace appliances. Gas fireplaces provide safe and attractive units which supply warmth, efficiency, and ambiance desired inside and outside today's homes. The nation's consumers are seeking greater convenience and an alternative to the adverse environmental and health effects associated with wood-burning fireplaces and stoves.


  • Non-polluting energy source; environmentally friendly.
  • Available in vent free models, which are excellent as a source of back-up heat.
  • Clean burning--No wood to handle or ashes to clean.
  • No sparks or flying embers to worry about.
  • No creosote build-up with gas burning equipment.
  • Higher energy efficiency than wood burning fireplaces.
  • Instant on/off controllability.
  • Do not require electricity to operate (Optional blower is the only operation requiring electricity).
  • Better temperature control for comfort, safety, and efficiency.
  • Installation options to suit nearly every application.
  • Large variety of styles and models available to suit individual needs.
  • Products available for increasingly popular "outdoor rooms."