Why Natural Gas

Why Natural Gas?

There are many reasons to choose natural gas.

MTNG is your Hometown Energy Partner committed to delivering America’s Energy safely and economically to you through the ice and snows of winter, Tennessee storms, hard times, and more. Natural gas service disruptions are rare. On average, only 1 in 800 natural gas customers experience an unplanned outage in any given year. In comparison, electric system customers experience an average of one unplanned outage per year per customer.

“Natural Gas feels warm, is warm!” The heat provided by natural gas wraps you in comfort well beyond the affordable price. Natural gas is your best energy choice, whether drying your clothes, cooking your food, or heating your home and water.

Learn more about how natural gas can keep you comfy and cozy all year round.

America's energy
Economical Natural Gas
Clean natural gas
Reliable natural gas

Reference: Data on this page is provided by the American Public Gas Association Direct Use Guide, 2021, Retrieved from Direct_Use_One_Pager.pdf (higherlogicdownload.s3.amazonaws.com).

Natural Gas Heats Best!