Water Heaters

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas sells a variety of water heaters to meet your needs. We sell, install and service conventional storage type water heaters as well as environmentally friendly instantaneous (on-demand) water heaters. Contact your local office for sizes and an affordable installed price!


  • Gas is an efficient heat source, and it saves you money compared to electricity.
  • Gas burners are capable of much higher temperatures than electric elements.
  • Faster recovery means more hot water per hour than same-size electric.
  • Direct-vent and power-vent models are available for hard-to-vent applications.
  • Variety of sizes (30 to 75 gallons) to fit most household applications.
  • Most units do not require electricity to operate.
  • No need for special 240-volt wiring or isolated electric circuit.
  • No heating elements to short, burn out, or replace (their average life is 2-3 years).
  • Instantaneous models available for hot water-on-demand applications.
  • Stands and drain pans are available for certain installation needs.
  • Temperature controls allow settings for personal comfort and energy-saving “Vacation Setting”.

Proper Sizing of Natural Gas Water Heaters

To determine the proper size of water heater, you need to know the total amount of hot water that will be required to satisfy all of the hot water uses at the peak hour of demand. This can be determined by reviewing the following chart and totaling the estimated gallons needed at the time of highest usage:

Major hot water users Estimated gallons of hot water consumed per use
Clothes Washer 10-12 gallons (warm wash/cold rinse)
20-25 gallons (warm wash/warm rinse)
Up to 30 gallons (hot wash/warm rinse)
Bath15-20 gallons
Shower10-15 gallons (3 gallons/minute)
House Cleaning 5-12 gallons
Automatic Dishwasher 5-15 gallons/load
Hand dish washing 4 gallons/load
Food Preparation 3-5 gallons
Hair shampoo 4 gallons
Shaving 2 gallons
Hand Washing 1-2 gallons

Note: The estimates above take into consideration the fact that hot and cold water will be mixed for many of the uses listed.

Calculate the peak hourly demand by adding the total amount of gallons for all hot water users that might be in use at the peak demand time. Use the first hour rating on the available water heaters to select units that will satisfy the peak hourly demand.

Natural Gas Versus Electric

As you evaluate what type of water heater will best suit your needs, look for the Energy Guide Sticker that has been placed on the model.

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