Gas Lights

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas sells quality Natural Gas Lights. Contact your local office for an affordable installed price!


Security, Reliability:
Gas lighting is the perfect choice for providing a safe, secure environment on your streets and around your home. Reliable gas lights do not depend on electricity, so they continue to shine brightly, even through power outages. Gas lights are available with quad burners that can produce light equivalent to a 100 watt electric bulb!
Low Maintenance:
Gas lights constructed of heavy cast aluminum and tempered glass with brass valves and trim will likely last for years with little or no maintenance. Models are available in traditional black to create a truly unique atmosphere!
The Gas Light Glow:
Patio, yard and street lighting by gas creates a distinctive, romantic ambiance sometimes referred to as “nostalgic.” No electric lighting system offers the same soft, amber glow. The light produced by gas lighting doesn’t create harsh shadows like electric flood lighting does and insects are not attracted by the illumination of the gas light.
Annual Maintenance:
Middle Tennessee Natural Gas will annually paint your Natural Gas light, clean the glass, and replace the mantle (if required) at no charge to you!

Operating Cost:

There is a misconception that the operating costs of natural gas lights are prohibitive. However, when the many benefits of gas lights are considered, it is found that the costs are not unreasonable. The standard gas light with a dual inverted burner burns 2125 BTUs per hour. This is equivalent to 2.125 cubic feet per hour, which calculates to 186 therms per year. Depending on the other natural gas appliances you have, a natural gas light will only add $10 to $15 to your monthly bill.

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