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CategoryItemSizeModel NumberSale PriceLocationQuantity
EmpireDriftwood Logs & Burner18" Log & BurnerLS18CD/VFSR18NAT$1200
24" Log & BurnerLS24CD/VFSR24NAT$1250McMinnville2
30" Log & BurnerLS30CD/VFSR30NAT$1335McMinnvilleSold
Empire Flint HillFlint Hill Logs & Burner18" Log & Burner Combined (one model number for both pieces) VFDR18LBN$925McMinnville7
24" Log & Burner Combined (one model number for both pieces) VFDR24LBN$970McMinnville5
30" Log & Burner Combined (one model number for both pieces) VFDR30LBN$985
Empire PonderossaPonderosa Logs & Burner18" Log & BurnerLS18P/VFSR18NAT$1190Crossville2
18" Log & BurnerLS18P/VFSR18NAT$1190McMinnville2
18" Log & BurnerLS18P/VFSR18NAT$1190Smithville1
24" Log & BurnerLS24P/VFSR24NAT$1240Crossville3
24" Log & BurnerLS24P/VFSR24NAT$1240Dayton1
24" Log & BurnerLS24P/VFSR24NAT$1240GordonsvilleSold
24" Log & BurnerLS24P/VFSR24NAT$1240McMinnvilleSold
24" Log & BurnerLS24P/VFSR24NAT$1240SmithvilleSold
24" Log & BurnerLS24P/VFSR24NAT$1240Sparta1
30" Log & BurnerLS30P/VFSR30NAT$1325Crossville0
30" Log & BurnerLS30P/VFSR30NAT$1325McMinnvilleSold
30" Log & BurnerLS30P/VFSR30NAT$1325SmithvilleSold
Empire SassafrasSuper Sassafras Logs & Burner18" Log & BurnerLS18RSS/VFSR18NAT$1190Dayton2
18" Log & BurnerLS18RSS/VFSR18NAT$1190Smithville1
24" Log & BurnerLS24RSS/VFSR24NAT$1240Dayton4
24" Log & BurnerLS24RSS/VFSR24NAT$1240McMinnville2
24" Log & BurnerLS24RSS/VFSR24NAT$1240SmithvilleSold
30" Log & BurnerLS30RSS/VFSR30NAT$1325Dayton1
EverwarmEverwarmPalmetto Oak Log & Burner18” Palmetto OakEWPO18R/EWPO2430NV$805CrossvilleSold
18” Palmetto OakEWPO18R/EWPO2430NV$805McMinnvilleSold
18” Palmetto OakEWPO18R/EWPO2430NV$805Smithville2
18” Palmetto OakEWPO18R/EWPO2430NV$805SpartaSold
24” Palmetto OakEWPO24R/EWPO2430NV$815Crossville3
24” Palmetto OakEWPO24R/EWPO2430NV$815Smithville2
24” Palmetto OakEWPO24R/EWPO2430NV$815Sparta1
30" Palmetto OakEWPO30R/EWPO2430NV$820Crossville1
30” Palmetto OakEWPO30R/EWPO2430NV$820Smithville2
30” Palmetto OakEWPO30R/EWPO2430NV$820SpartaSold
Monessen MojoMonessenMojo Logs & Burner27" Mojo Log & Burner (one model number for both pieces)MJ27NR-S$ 710DaytonSold
Vantage24" Mixed Oak Logs & BurnerLFT24MO/TF2430NR$469McMinnvilleSold

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· Any item may be purchased through any MTNG office, whether stocked there or not.
· Following purchase, items can be transferred for pick-up or installation to any other MTNG office as needed, at no additional charge.
· *Prices include standard installation of natural gas appliances at MTNG customer locations (excluding tankless water heater). Additional charges will apply for unusual installations.
· *Installation of tankless water heaters must be previewed and approved prior to finalization of the sale, if MTNG is to install the heater. Additional charges will apply for unusual installations.
· *As always, items installed by MTNG must conform to manufacturer’s installation instructions and all applicable codes.
· Quantities are limited. Sales are on a first-come first-served basis. No substitutions or rain checks. Pictures, dimensions, and other details provided are for informational purposes only; variations are possible.