Service Policies

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas will make free service calls, within certain broad guidelines, on customer appliances connected to our mains. Every effort will be made to answer all calls in a timely manner and in most circumstances, during regular business hours on the same day. If parts are needed to complete the repair, the parts will be ordered from the manufacturer and installed at the customer’s request and with a charge for parts and labor. Service requests involving equipment and appliances installed by MTNG will be given priority.

Free services available to our customers and communities
  • Adjustments and Conversion of Gas Appliance Burners and Controls (No parts needed)
  • Gas Light Turn-on and Relighting, includes painting, replacing of mantles and glass
  • Disconnection of Residential Appliances (Disconnect and Cap Existing Pipe only–Removal of piping will be charged to Customer)
  • Meter Turn-Off
  • Furnace and Space Heater Turn-Off
  • Seasonal Lighting and Safety Inspection of Gas Heating Equipment (Once per Year)
  • Service Calls to Diagnose Appliance problem, excluding Central heating and air units
  • Check for Natural Gas Leaks
  • Locate Natural Gas mains and service lines in areas of Proposed Excavation
New Service Line Policy
In general, MTNG will extend up to 300 feet of service line to serve a residential customer. Service lines longer than 300 feet or installations that do not provide sufficient connected load require aid in construction to cover excess installation cost. Sufficient connected load is defined as appliances that use natural gas for air conditioning, primary home heating (central systems and/or vented space heaters) and/or other appliances that provide sufficient year-round load to justify the investment (one or more of the following: water heating, cooking equipment, or clothes drying).
New Main Line Policy
In general, MTNG will extend up to 400 feet of main line to serve a residential customer. If the total main line footage per customer exceeds 400 feet or the estimated installation costs are excessive, the customer(s) may secure service by paying the excess installation cost and/or entering into a Gas Line Reimbursement Agreement. The Gas Line Reimbursement Agreement provides that, within certain guidelines, MTNG will reimburse the customer(s) making payment for additional customers added to the same line within a three year period.
New Home/Apartment Program for Builders (Licensed/qualified builders and individual home builders on own premises)
A “New Home Builder Credit” is available for the purchase of 30, 40, 50, 75 gallon, and tankless natural gas water heater provided the new home also uses natural gas as the primary heating source.Renovations and additions do not qualify as new home construction.To qualify for this program, a contractor/builder must also comply with state licensing requirements. An owner building his/her own premises does not have to be licensed and qualifies for this program

For further information contact your local Middle Tennessee Natural Gas office

Industrial and Commercial Customers
Industrial and Commercial customers are encouraged to speak with our Engineering Department at 1-833-438-6864.  For further information on service policies and charges, contact your local Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Office.