Payment options

Payment options to fit your needs

Beginning February 1, 2024, you can enroll in our new Customer Portal or Customer Portal mobile app for online access to your utility account. Directions for enrollment will be available on Once enrolled, you can set up new online payments.  Important Change: Also beginning on February 1, the transaction fees charged by the vendor for online or phone payments will be charged directly to the customers using those services at the time of the transaction.  MTNG does not receive these transaction fees – they go directly to the vendor.  We highly recommend that you use our free Bank Draft program to avoid paying any transaction fees.

  • Currently, we are unable to take online payments for merchandise.
  • Credit card transaction fees charged by the vendor providing online payment and telephone payment services are passed through to the customers using those online services.
  • There are NO transaction fees to utilize our Bank Draft option.
  • If you have any questions about your bill, please contact MTNG directly.

MTNG is committed to providing competitive natural gas service.  That means keeping rates as low as possible while ensuring ample natural gas supply for our service area.  Utilizing tools such as Bank Draft or Online Bill Pay makes payments easier for our customers and helps keep rates lower.  So, please look closely at what we have to offer.