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Middle Tennessee Natural Gas sells, installs and services quality Broilmaster Grills. Most models are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. There is never a tank to refill. Temperatures are easy to control. Flavors are great! Please drop by your local MTNG office to learn more.
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Warm-up time: While a grill's BTUH (BTU/Hour) rating is often cited by the manufacturer, the time required for a grill to actually reach high temperatures is more important. Gas grills can take as little as 6 minutes to reach 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
Heat Control: The wide range of temperatures in a gas grill allows the user to sear steaks at a high temperature or slow roast effectively. A temperature indicator is a useful accessory to help the cook maintain consistent temperature control.
Heating Evenness: Gas grills use lava rocks, ceramic rocks, firebrick, or metal grids to ensure even cooking temperatures.
Special Accessories: Many accessories are available to enhance the grilling experience. These include shish kabob skewers, rotisseries, wiener wheels, warming racks, smokers, griddles, ovens, woks, and side burners.
Easy Clean-up: Cooking grids can be washed in your dishwasher. Most foods that can't be wiped off can be burned off. A steel or brass wire brush will quickly clean off the grids (especially porcelain coated grids). Lava rocks or ceramic briquettes can be flipped over and food spills will burn off with the next use.
Convenience: A quick connect flexible gas hose allows the gas grill to be moved for cleaning or storage. Permanently piped post-mounted grills have a constant supply of fuel and do not require the refilling of storage tanks.
Economy: Natural gas is the most economical fuel, period. It is always there when you are ready for it; saving you time and money.

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