Safety and reliability

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District (MTNG) works year-round to ensure natural gas is delivered safely and reliably to the homes and businesses in our communities. We meet or exceed all federal and state safety standards. MTNG never stops at the minimum; we continuously go above and beyond. We sell natural gas, but we deliver safety and reliability. Our highly trained and skilled workforce makes this possible by:

  • Odor Complaint / Carbon Monoxide / Leak Investigation – It is such a core component of what we do that we often forget to talk about it. MTNG technicians are available every hour of every day of the year to respond to any report of a possible gas leak or carbon monoxide issue.
  • Line Patrol – MTNG patrols our high-pressure lines annually to ensure there are no potential safety issues. We are on the lookout for washouts, potential landslide areas, exposed pipes, cathodic shorts, overgrown vegetation around our facilities or construction near them, and many other potential causes of leaks or threats to the continued safe operation of our system.
  • Public Building Safety Survey – In areas where people gather in large numbers, and particularly where those areas are surrounded by pavement that can cause a natural gas leak to migrate, MTNG checks the natural gas mains, service lines, and even customer fuel lines for possible leaks annually. We keep a running list of structures that meet the criteria for the extra safety measure.
  • Safety Survey – At regular intervals, MTNG physically inspects every mile of our pipe in and above the ground with incredibly sensitive methane detectors to find leaks before they are even large enough to be detected by human senses. Federal law requires natural gas operators to perform this safety survey a minimum of every five years. MTNG surveys parts of our system each year so that we inspect all of our lines every three years. This proactive step helps keep everyone safe, our system operating smoothly, and it is good for the environment.
  • Annual Maintenance – MTNG does a host of regular annual maintenance on our system to keep it running smoothly. This includes inspection and maintenance of regulators, valves, reliefs, stations, meters, corrosion prevention efforts, odorization equipment, telemetry, and pipe crossings.
  • Damage Prevention & Public Awareness– The single biggest threat to our system is third-party damage. So, we also work year-round to educate the public, and excavators in particular, about natural gas lines in the area, how to dig safely around them, and what to do in the event of a natural gas leak. These efforts include annual mailings to excavators in our area, the installation of line markers near our lines, active participation in the Tennessee One-Call System, ads of all kinds reminding everyone to call 811 before digging, public liaison meetings with emergency responders, and sponsoring PIPE Meetings for stakeholder groups in twenty-three Tennessee counties.

At MTNG, we work faithfully year-round so you can relax and enjoy the comfort natural gas provides. We appreciate you providing access to our pipelines and facilities so that we can fulfill our mission.