MTNG Brings Natural Gas Service to Captain’s Point Community in DeKalb County

By Sam Morrison

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District (MTNG) is pleased to announce the completion of a new main to serve Highway 56 and the Captain’s Point community along Center Hill Lake. MTNG had two different contractors working on the Captain’s Point line; installing new main in tough Tennessee rock. Johnson Construction extended a 4” PE main along TN Highway 56 to get to the subdivision . Then, Bush Construction installed a 2” PE main inside Captain’s Point.

Homes in this community will be able to benefit immediately from comfortable and affordable natural gas. The additional 4” main down TN Highway 56 also gives MTNG the ability to serve future expansion in this area along Center Hill Lake. This is just one more way that MTNG supports the growth of the communities we serve. This is what Utility Districts were created to do!